Kenyan Heat

An Epic Paranormal Romance

 Step into the Darkin World - A post-apocalyptic world of magic & romance! 

Two werelions stalk her…

A loner who's never needed anyone, independent Ife's life is turned upside down. Unwittingly, she appears on the radar of Zaire, the insane alpha of alphas in Africa. He covets her beauty and tries to force her to become one of his mates. Her efforts to escape become complicated when she meets a sexy foreigner, Nathan. 

Nate is an orphan werelion caught between two worlds. Born in Zambia and raised by humans in the U.S., he’s never felt as if he belonged in either world. That is until he first sees Ife. 

As he comes up against his age-old enemy, Zaire, Nate needs to convince Ife that she isn’t only a means to an end. She is more than just bait. She is his world.


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