An epic paranormal romance. 

Step into the Darkin World - A post-apocalyptic world of magic & romance!  

He's honor-bound to kill her...

Fate is a cruel bitch, according to Breqlynn Darkin. When she accidentally bonds a shapeshifter this foul-mouthed, reckless witch must find a way to break the eternal link. In doing so, she’s put up against the alpha of all alphas, Wolfrick Jaeger. 

When Wolf finds himself bound to his enemy, he wants blood. Honor dictates he must kill the descendant of the witch who cursed his race. Unfortunately with them linked, Breq's death would mean his. 

Sparks fly as these two mortal enemies come together. Will the duty-bound shifter decide to throw caution to the wind and kill the witch? Or will Wolfrick decide to keep Breqlynn for himself, breaking all the rules?


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