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The Darkin World is a new and exciting paranormal romance series by author A.B. Robinette.   

The Darkin World

 The Darkin World is rich and vibrant. Nestled in a post-apocalyptic setting, the good among the races must come together and stop the forces of evil from gaining the upper hand.  The races (benevolent and malevolent) are as follows: Human, Witch, Shifter, Shaman, Fae, Daemon, Vampire and Demon.

Darkin World Novels




A Darkin World Novel

    Breqlynn Darkin, a sassy witch from a shunned family, wishes Fate would take the day off from messing with her. A client lands her in hot water, and it’s not her fault she ends up at a nightclub surrounded by shifters, the number one enemy of her race. It’s Fate’s.

   Wolfrick Jaeger, alpha of alphas, is surprised to find a former lover fighting in a nightclub with an unknown woman. After a night of passion neither can remember, Wolf is unpleasantly surprised to learn the mystery woman is not who he thought her to be. 

   Sparks fly as these two, mortal enemies come together. Wolf must find a way to keep Breqlynn despite being duty-bound to kill the descendant of the witch who cursed his race. She must learn to let go and trust in what her heart and Fate demand. 

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Under A Voodoo Moon


Coming Fall of 2019

"Under A Voodoo Moon"

A Darkin World Novel


    Remington Dixon is far away from home. When she books a DJ gig at a prestigious nightclub in Paris, she feels her life is finally taking a turn for the better. Little does she know, the patrons are not human. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, Remi sees things she can’t believe. Then, a mysterious man comes to save her, telling her she’s been drugged. That explains the hallucination and migraine from hell, but who would want to roofie her drink?

   Gideon Michaels is a lone werewolf who is now second to the king of the shifters. Several months before, Remi saves him while he’s in wolf form. When he notices an underworld boss taking an interest in her, he decides to return the favor. What sparks the shaman Axel’s interest in the little human is a mystery Gideon vows to uncover.

  With outside interference, it becomes impossible for Gideon to keep the secret of who he is from Remi. He knows he'll bring her nothing but danger but cannot seem to separate himself from her.  Remi has been burned by love before.  When she finds out all of Gideon’s secrets she has to decide whether to let him go or to keep him forever.

Darkin World Novellas

Kenyan Heat



   "Kenyan Heat

A Darkin World Novella

     Nathan Allen, born Nassor Jelani, is an orphan. He’s never met one of his own kind, having been adopted by an American couple. One full moon while on a mission in Kenya, he comes upon a werelioness. His beast bungles the meeting, yet the man cannot forget her. Nate is pleasantly surprised to find her on a rainswept Nairobi street the next morning. 


 Dr. Ife Bayo is an independent werelioness. A loner who’s never needed anyone, she is annoyed when the alpha of alphas in Africa insists she becomes his mate. Then, the next morning after a full moon transformation, Ife meets the man of her dreams. After their lovemaking is interrupted by the African First’s goon, she becomes concerned when she can’t forget the mystery man as quickly as she has her other lovers. 


Ife’s life is turned upside down as the two werelions stalk her, wanting to claim her for their own.  Will she realize she can be with Nate and still retain her independence?  Can Nate convince Ife that he is so much more than a simple scratching post for her lust? 

Available now on Kindle, Smashwords, & Nook


Daemon Fire



"Daemon Fire"

A Darkin World Novella

Coming Summer of 2019


      Ophelia Espinosa is one sip of blood away from becoming a vampire. Daemon, born of an incubus and a human, are forbidden from drinking from anyone but their anima - the one person capable of linking them with their soul. But Fi finds this prohibition more and more difficult as the years, nay centuries pass. She can feel her human side slide toward the demon every day.


   Owen Walker has seen a lot of death and misery. Unfortunately, his magical skill set makes him the perfect man to be the leaders' of his race's CSI. When a member of the Shaman Council goes missing, he is called to the man's last known location. There, he is faced with a past he'd rather leave buried, an unrequited love.


   When Fi first spots Owen, she knows she's in trouble. In that moment, she recognizes her anima. But the shaman has been burned by love in the past and doesn't trust himself. Will Fi be able to tempt Owen to give her a chance? Her very soul depends on being able to mend his broken heart.

Darkin World Series Reading Order


1. Kenyan Heat

(A Darkin World Novella)

2. Destined

(A Darkin World Novel)

3. Daemon Fire

(A Darkin World Novella)

4. Under A Voodoo Moon

(A Darkin World Novel)

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